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How do you fix America's drug addiction epidemic?


It has taken over eighty years and countless studies  of addiction treatment programs for professionals  to come to the undeniable conclusion.

       We've been doing it wrong.

It's the book that Big Pharma, the Addiction Recovery Industry, and 12-Step fellowships DO NOT want you to read!

How did it happen?


Plenty of"players" each had a role creating and growing our country's opioid crisis:  the pharmaceutical industry; physicians;   local, state, and federal government; insurance carriers;  those with substance abuse disorders,and their loved ones.


Stephen Weigert, M.S. has helped over 10,000 individuals, teens and adults, as a nationally certified rehabilitation counselor, psychotherapist, and life/success coach. He also recently worked inside the addiction treatment/sober home "for profit" industry in Palm Beach County (Florida)--the national "Mecca"  for recovery businesses.  He shares, candidly,  what he's observed and how he'd CHANGE the industry for lasting recovery for those addicted to alcohol, opioids/heroin, and other  mood altering substances.


It's about the TRUTH.

Available on Amazon.com as of January, 2019, Fabulous Falsehoods: The Addiction Recovery Game reveals, with objective evidence, why substance addiction is not a DISEASE; why a genetic link to addiction in a particular person is, to a great extent, speculative; what the "science" really tells us; how  people in recovery are actually NOT better-suited to help others in recovery; and how 12-Step fellowships in truth present obstacles to recovery.

Stephen Weigert, M.S. resides in Palm Beach, Florida.


The problem with traditional addiction treatment

This author's second book, Fabulous Falsehoods: The Addiction Recovery Game, reveals that the current success rate of most rehab programs is no better than 5-10%! This book reveals WHY and what can be changed to make recovery work.  Surprisingly, successful recovery is much less about addiction, genetic or "disease" factors, and life-long support programs and much more about learned (but dysfunctional)  beliefs and coping habits which can indeed be replaced with permanently empowering insights and behavioral strategies.  NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM